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Smokai Project

Smokai is an eCommerce store that sells premium smoke generators. When Smokai approached us, we strategically planned out how we could help them improve their online presence. We used our expertise to design and build a Shopify website and integrate performance marketing campaigns to help them conquer the market.

The Overview

Smokai is an online eCommerce store that sells a range of four different premium smoke generators and related accessories. It is a company made up of fishers, hunters, gatherers, foodies, inventors and business people with integrity. The main reason Smokai came to us was to dive into the options of web design and development and performance marketing with Google Ads.

Near the end of 2020, our partnership with Smokai started, with an initial focus on pushing their products further to the market using a paid media marketing strategy. They were running Google Ads themselves initially, but without Google Analytics installed, nothing was tracked, which is where we came in. Following the start of our partnership, we also embarked on a web design and development journey for their Shopify web build.

What we did.

  • Google Analytics

  • Performance marketing

  • Web design

  • Shopify development

Smokai | eCommerce Development | Performance Marketing - Do Good Things

The Challenge

While the Google Ads they set up themselves drove some revenue, nothing was tracked, so we couldn’t determine where exactly the revenue was coming from.

The website needed to reflect the Smokai brand. It also needed to be improved so potential customers could navigate it easily.

Identifying their needs.

The first step was installing tracking to help understand the revenue source – how users landed on their page, if they were purchasing, if they weren’t and so on.

With a high-end product to showcase and sell, Smokai needed a more comprehensive solution, entangling performance marketing campaigns with improved web design and development.

Understanding the problem.

Cold food smokers aren’t your everyday item. It’s specialised, best fit for a specific market. This led to understanding Smokai and their goals more and more before diving into the deep end.

The design process meant going down a few paths to fully understand their brand and exploring how to achieve their sales objectives.

Planning the path to success.

The objective of the Smokai project was to help develop their online presence and increase sales.

We wanted to ensure sales were tracked, performance marketing campaigns were optimised, and their web design and development aided the sales process.

The Process

The unique selling point of Smokai is that it is an experience like no other, a product perfect for the fishers, hunters, gatherers and foodies.

Analytics setup.

Google Analytics Setup for Smokai by Do Good Things

We installed and properly configured Google Analytics to track revenue sources.

Performance marketing campaigns.

Performance Marketing Campaigns for Smokai eCommerce with Do Good Things

We optimised and created new performance marketing campaigns – Shopping and Expanded Text ads.

Web design.

Shopify Web Design Development for Smokai by Do Good Things

We designed a website that reflected the brand and mission.

Shopify web development.

Shopify Web Development for Smokai with Do Good Things

We utilised Shopify to develop a fast, responsive website that aided the sales process.

The Solution

From a focus on analytics and performance marketing to web design and development, it came together to produce a website that encompasses the Smokai brand.

Real, tangible results.

The analytics and performance marketing techniques we implemented were optimised to produce the best results possible. Not only tracking revenue but driving it too.

Smokai can track their revenue source.

Tracking Smokai's Google Ads Revenue with Do Good Things

Performance marketing produces tangible results.

Enabling the Power of Performance Marketing for Smokai by Do Good Things

An enjoyable website experience.

The website interface had to reflect the brand, with the most essential information and selling points at the forefront, with detailed information secondary.

Customers can enjoy a friendly web experience.

Creating a User Friendly Web Experience for Smokai Customers by Do Good Things

Users can understand Smokai through their web branding.

Ensuring Consistent Online Smokai Branding with Do Good Things

The Results

Once the newly designed website was live, we started to see favourable results when paired with Google Ads campaigns. We helped double Smokai’s revenue from Google Ads alone and continue to drive sales through the new website.