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River Watch Project

RiverWatch is a next-generation company offering a water quality monitor solution that provides real-time water information. We rose to the occasion and used our expertise to develop a state-of-the-art full-stack website and marketing plan to help them offer insight into New Zealand's waterways.

The Overview

RiverWatch is an environmental company that provides a real-time water quality monitoring solution for New Zealand. The main product RiverWatch came to us with was 'The Waka', which they wanted to bring to the market to help see a measurable change in the water quality management market.

In the middle of 2021, our partnership with RiverWatch started. We focused on helping create their brand and product renders, but most importantly, their full-stack web development and marketing strategy for a solution that can positively impact the quality of New Zealand's waterways for future generations.

What we did.

  • Branding

  • Product renders

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Web design

  • Full-stack development

RiverWatch | Full-Stack Web Build | Marketing Strategy - Do Good Things

The Challenge

From the growing concern of New Zealand water quality to RiverWatch's water monitoring solution, we helped merge the gap between the two, identifying their key personas and mapping out customer journeys. We extended their branding and curated their marketing strategy, combining it with a robust, user-friendly full-stack web build.

Understanding their story.

The idea behind the project was to provide a user-friendly interface to showcase the RiverWatch mission and products in a simple, intuitive way and help New Zealand understand their water quality with 'The Waka'.

As a full service, digitally-led agency, we worked with RiverWatch to brainstorm how to help their solution reach the market. What started as a full-stack web build developed into a full digital marketing plan.

Identifying the problem.

New Zealand water quality news grew nationally at an expected rate. This led to the need for a comprehensive marketing solution.

RiverWatch's old website did not accurately reflect their excellent work or mission. Their branding and marketing were not up-to-date.

Defining a clear objective.

The objective of the RiverWatch project was to help build their brand and digital presence.

We wanted to ensure their branding was consistent across all platforms, product renders reflected their next-generation solution, the website was built to last, and the marketing strategy helped magnify these objectives.

The Process

The unique selling point of RiverWatch is that there is no other water monitoring solution quite like theirs.

Brand exploration.

Branding and Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

We refined the brand and worked with RiverWatch to align their brand identity with their values and mission.

Product renders and design.

Product Renders and Web Design for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

We created product renders to compliment the content and website in hand with the brand.

Full-stack web build.

Full-Stack Web Build Development for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

We developed a website with various key pages, including a home, about and product page and more.

Marketing strategy.

Content Email Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

We utilised the blog for the content marketing and email marketing strategies we rolled out.

The Solution

From a full-stack web build to implementing the marketing strategy, it came together to produce a brand and website that encompasses the RiverWatch mission.

A readable and usable interface.

The interface of the website build had to be logically structured with the most important information readily accessible and detailed information and actions secondary.

You can see the interactive design.

Interactive Web Design RiverWatch with Do Good Things

Customers can enjoy a customised experience.

Customised Personal Web Experience for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

An easy-to-use CMS.

We carefully considered the usability of the Content Management System (CMS). We chose Craft CMS for its easy-to-use features and its intertwining with the frontend.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Blogging and Content Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

Combine science and education.

Education and Science in Content Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

An improvement in brand awareness.

With the full-stack web build up and running, we rolled out the marketing plan, which worked collectively with the website to deliver authentic brand awareness results.

Regular social media posts.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

Reach customers across every device.

Cold Outreach Email Marketing Strategy for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

The Results

Once the brand new website was live, we started to see favourable results from the pilot outreach campaigns we ran – generating over 40 qualified leads in 3 weeks.

When it comes to a revolutionary water monitor company that sells more than just a product but is also a Software As A Service (SAAS) business, we knew we had to think outside the box.

The road ahead with RiverWatch.

From RiverWatch running their own website to our complete, customised web development and marketing strategy, we have started to see new leads and more. We're branching out custom marketing through cold outreach, with eight different target segments we discovered in the initial buyer persona research to cover all target markets and bases.

On our journey with RiverWatch (so far), here are the successes:

  • Refined and rolled out an updated brand across all digital touchpoints.

  • Designed and developed a custom, user-friendly full-stack web build.

  • Produced SEO ranking content for the website.

  • Implemented a personalised content and email marketing strategy.