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E Coast Project

eCoast is an environmental company that develops sustainable solutions by understanding and quantifying natural systems. When eCoast came to us needing a complete website redesign, we used our experience to help ensure the collaboration process was seamless and improved their web performance.

The Overview

eCoast is an environmental consultancy firm that provides expert technical and advisory services. The main offering eCoast came to us with was their consultancy services to develop sustainable solutions and apply state-of-the-art science, engineering, tools and techniques. They wanted to redesign their old website and bring it back to life.

Near the middle of 2021, our partnership with eCoast started. From the initial meeting, it was clear that the website design needed to align with the brand and logo. The website needed a refresh, considering their old website has not been updated since 2011. With a website already live, we had some content to work with. The main focus was transferring the website content, giving it more life, and improving the overall experience for their customers.

What we did.

  • Web design

  • Website development

eCoast | Web Design | Web Development - Do Good Things

The Challenge

While eCoast had a website up and running, it needed a refresh. It was hard to navigate and an overall, not ideal experience.

The website needed to reflect eCoast’s point of difference and environmental consulting services. Easy navigation and consistent design were vital to achieving this goal.

Discussing their needs.

Our collaboration started with a consultation, going over what eCoast wanted to achieve with their new website and identifying how we could help them.

eCoast wasn’t like an eCommerce store. Their offering was specialised services for a specialised market. The brand needed to come through on the website and appeal to those seeking their services.

Identifying the pain points.

An out of date website is a crucial reason to redesign and upgrade. A website should be refreshed and upgraded every three years to keep up with the best SEO and other web standards for optimal performance.

The pain point was the size of the site and finding the right company to choose as a partner. The redesign requirements were based on 30 web pages, 40 news articles, and 18 project pages to be migrated across.

Paving the way forward.

The objective of the eCoast project was to help develop their online presence through a website refresh.

We wanted to ensure it was usable yet aesthetically pleasing and produced an improved user experience.

The Process

Working with eCoast was different from other projects as their speciality consulting services was a unique selling point of an experience like no other.

Consultation and collaboration.

Consultation and collaboration with eCoast Digital Marketing

We collaborated on turning eCoast’s initial concepts into a newly designed, functional website.

Design and refinement.

Web Design and refinement with eCoast Web Development

We refined the design process and ensured the project went seamlessly.

Website development.

Web Design Development by Do Good Things for eCoast

We transformed the design ideas from a wireframe to a live, robust website.

The Solution

From consultation to web design and development, it came together to produce a website that encompasses the eCoast mission.

Pleasing to the eye.

There’s more to a website than only functionality (surprisingly) but also aesthetics. If a website isn’t aesthetically pleasing or serving your purpose, you’re likely going to leave the site fast.

The colour is consistent across the site.

Experience colour consistency in Web Design

Customers can find important information easily.

See the eCoast branded design by Do Good Things

Easy to navigate.

The website interface had to reflect the brand, with the most essential information and selling points at the forefront, with detailed information secondary.

Users can find their way with the simple and effective layout.

Find your way around with the simple yet effective layout.

Customers can enjoy a seamless web experience.

Customers can enjoy a seamless web experience.

The Results

With the newly designed, functional website live, the overall user experience is now faster, more aesthetically pleasing, and better than before the web makeover. As a result, this has led to increased brand awareness and more consultancy services booked.

On our journey with eCoast (so far), here are the successes:

  • Discussed eCoast’s ideas and put their design concepts into action.

  • Created the structure of the website and transformed it into a UX wireframe.

  • Developed a custom-designed, robust web build.